Marie is running NYC Marathon 2018 for charity!
Marie Elisabeth Gaup Moe Trondheim Avsluttede innsamlinger

Marie is running NYC Marathon 2018 for charity!

I am turning 40 this year, and instead of birthday presents I want to honour my mother, by raising money for the charity "AKTIV against cancer". My mother sadly passed away only 50 years old because of lung cancer. I will celebrate her memory and her 60 year birthday by running the New York City Marathon in November 2018. November will also be the 7 year anniversary of me living with a pacemaker. The 8th of November 2011 I suddenly passed out, due to a problem in the electrical system of my heart, causing a very low and irregular pulse. I needed to get a pacemaker implanted in my chest to keep my pulse up. I am currently 100% dependent on the pacemaker, it is generating every single beat of my heart, and it keeps me running! The pacemaker does not prevent me from having an active life, and I have already completed a half-marathon running with the pacemaker. A marathon is however something I have never done before, and my goal will just be to get to the finishing line in Central Park New York! I hope you want to support me to achieve this goal, and donate money for the charity entry ticket through AKTIV against cancer. All donations go to improving quality of life for cancer patients, by the establishment and operation of physical activity centres in cancer treatment facilities in Norway. I am paying my own travel and stay in NYC. Thank you for the support!

Amount Raised:
Target: 30,000 kr
4/29/2018 12/1/2018


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